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CEM Group srl was born in 1953 as a company specialized in mechanical maintenance.
Through the years we have evolved and started to devote ourselves especially to industrial chain lubrication in the food sector - and not only.

We gained more competence and experience, trying to obtain maximum performance with the lowest possible lubricant consumption and major economic and environmental benefits. In the '90s, we realized and patented the “Gabry” distributor, designed to provide an automatic and independent chain lubrication by dispensing the right amount of lubricant on each chain joint.

The commitment and perseverance of our research teams have led to the development of products that can increase your profitability and reduce consumption and the risks of environmental pollution.
In addition to lubrication systems, CEM Group also realizes automatic chain cleaning systems.
We personally design and realize each component used and we produce them with the latest generation machines in order to guarantee our customers maximum precision, quality, safety and reliability.

Company | Who we are

Cem Group

your solution for industrial chain lubrication


Agri-food industry
Confectionery industry
Ceramic and brick industries
Paper industry
Pick & place
Bottling and beverage
Bakery products industry
Automotive industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Glass industry

CEM Group can now boast wide collaborations with the largest companies in Italy and abroad, and offers customized solutions for all needs providing customers the following services:
  • Free technical consultancy: complete and non-binding assistance with inspections of our technical staff.
  • Planning: we meet different needs with professionalism, which is the result of years of experience and continuous updating in our technical office.
  • Realization: we realize both complete systems and individual solutions, and try and satisfy our customers in an effective and prompt way.
  • Service and maintenance: a post-sales service is available for every need.
  • Documentation: each supply will include a warranty, a CD, a maintenance manual.

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