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Our distributors are designed to provide an automatic and independent chain lubrication in continuous operation, without damaging the product. “Gabry” distributor meticulously dispenses the right amount of lubricant on each chain joint (links, pin and roll on both sides). It offers the possibility to adjust supply and pause times, optimizing the system management. It allows the simultaneous and proper lubrication of several chains with different speed. It can resist to both high and low temperatures from -50° C. up to +250°C. It is largely used in all industrial sectors that make use of chains as sources of labour force and as transport.

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The power supply of the “Gabry” distributor is ensured by a switchboard with a tank with a variable capacity (6/10/25/50/100 liters), accompanied by a level indicator. Switchboards are completed by the modular regulation system which includes: dividers, pressure regulator, manometer, time-programmable solenoid valves and flow regulators for each single distributor. Pause and motion times of the device can be managed through the PLC of the machine where the system is set up, or through a CEM electrical panel. In both cases the system works autonomously and automatically.

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Chain cleaning

Products | Distributors, Switchboards, Chain cleaning

Chain cleaning is powered by the mechanical action of the compressed air that is channeled on the chains through angled nozzles, a characteristic of the CEM patent. Residues are removed thanks to the combined action of specific stainless steel blowing heads and a powerful intake flow, and carried in a pipeline equipped with a multi-layer separator and a dust collection chamber. The chain cleaning system consists of: blowing heads equipped with control solenoid valves, extraction hood, chain guide, flanged intake manifolds, trolley-mounted aspirator (which can be used for more than one chain), electrical panel with PLC which manages cleaning times and operating and security alarms.

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